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IntegrityDLM in 'De Compliance Officer'

The IntegrityDLM is featured in the education version, No.38, October 2021 of ‘De Compliance Officer’ in its review of ‘learning through games’. De Compliance officer is the trade magazine for compliance officers and others involved in the compliance industry. 

IntegrityDLM features on 'Compliance Adviseert!'

The Compliance Adviseert podcast is known for having engaging conversations with experts on compliance-related topics. In this episode, Dr. Abiola Makinwa talks about the importance of thoughtful interventions that focus on the prevention of corruption and the behaviour and the choices of employees. The IntegrityDLM is the answer to internalization of knowledge on compliance. Moving beyond compliance to actually influencing behaviour requires interventions that help individuals to look below the surface and become more aware of their personal integrity frameworks.

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IntegrityDLM on Lighthouse debate forum

Spotlight: How can you fill the gap between intention and action and become more resilient?

“If white-collar crimes are facilitated by well-trained first-class professionals who have already been through the rules: what do we need to be doing differently? Clearly, it is not a question of the professional not knowing how to make a good or right decision, they know this. In most cases, they know the right thing to do. So, the problem is more that there’s a gap between what they have been taught, the head knowledge that they have acquired, and what they actually do when they get into the work field. How can we fill this gap?“

In the latest episode of the Spotlight podcast, Dr. Abiola Makinwa talks about how her newly completed IntegrityDLM aims to fill those gaps by training young undergraduates how to act in the right way and become more resilient towards ethical difficulties. She also explains how the digital learning module fits into the vision of the compliance module and the competence of global awareness.

Give it a listen ! The podcast is now available on Spotify and Apple music.

National Compliance Encouragement Award

Jaarlijks faciliteert het Nederlands Compliance Instituut de uitreiking van de Nationale Compliance Award. De Nationale Compliance Award wordt toegekend door een onafhankelijke jury aan de persoon of de instelling die zich bijzonder verdienstelijk heeft gemaakt voor het vakgebied compliance en de professionalisering van de compliancefunctie in het bijzonder.

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Erik Reissenweber heeft de Nationale Compliance Award 2020 gewonnen.  De jury is van mening dat dr. Abiola Makinwa dit jaar een aanmoedigingsprijs verdient. Abiola is internationaal gericht op het bestrijden van corruptie. Waar zij voor staat is heel duidelijk datgene dat ook een democratie als Nederland op de agenda moet hebben staan. Abiola is enorm gedreven in al haar uitingen over compliance. Ze is vastbesloten de compliancegemeenschap verder te ontwikkelen, zowel in Nederland als internationaal. Hierom verdient Abiola volgens de jury de aanmoedigingsprijs. Deze prijs moet ook zeker gezien worden als stimulans om al haar initiatieven vooral voort te zetten en voor het grote publiek nog meer zichtbaar te maken.

Every year the Netherlands Compliance Institute presents the National Compliance Award. An independent jury awards the prize to a person or institution in honor of their special accomplishments within the field of Compliance and the professionalization of the compliance function. This year, the Jury decided to award Dr. Abiola Makinwa a National Compliance Encouragement Award. Abiola focuses on the international fight against corruption and has dedicated herself to developing the compliance community in the Netherlands and internationally. According to the jury, Abiola deserves the award for her efforts and, also, as an encouragement to her to continue her initiatives.

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