In Integrity Awareness, students identify, articulate, and engage with their intrinsic core values. They become more aware of who they are, what they stand for, and the impact they would like to have on their personal and professional life. 

In this module, students:  

  • Identify their 10 Core Values.
  • Engage and Reflect on their Core Values by creating a Pyramid of Values.
  • Experience ‘clashes’ of Values by using Value Framework Comparison exercises.
  • Create code of conduct based on their core values to help guide their future ethical decision-making.

Ref: N.T. Sheehan and J.A. Schmidt, ‘Preparing accounting students for ethical decision making’, J. of Acc. Ed. 33 (2015) 183–197; M. Gentile, Giving Voice to Values, Yale University Press, 2010. 

Privacy Policy: This module is designed as a safe space for participants. Please store any content you wish to keep for yourself in your Integrity Toolkit. Personal content will not be stored or viewed by the creator or any other persons.