In Integrity Assertiveness, students develop and learn to apply a values-based response mechanism. This IntegrityDLM Checklist equips them to counter rationalizations and DO what they KNOW is the right thing to do when facing ethical pressure 

In this module students learn the 10 Steps of the IntegrityDLM Checklist as follows:  

  1. Affirmation  
  2. Goal Articulation  
  3. Cost Analysis  
  4. Tackle Rationalizations  
  5. Tackle Ethical Dilemmas  
  6. Reframe   
  7. Identify Enablers   
  8. Create a Plan of Action  
  9. Pre-Script and Rehears 
  10. Review  

Ref: N.T. Sheehan and J.A. Schmidt, ‘Preparing accounting students for ethical decision making’, J. of Acc. Ed. 33 (2015) 183–197; M. Gentile, Giving Voice to Values, Yale, 2010

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