The IntegrityDLM is cited in Dutch National Compliance Award Nomination!

Dr. Abiola Makinwa, creator of the IntegrityDLM has been nominated for the National Compliance Award!

The Dutch Compliance Institute annually grants the National Compliance Award to a person or institution in recognition of their dedication to the field of compliance, professionalising compliance, and the strengthening of integrity within organisations. In the last 25 years compliance has grown into a full-fledged field of expertise for specialists from a variety of disciplines. Within a number of sectors, compliance has become an important element of the organisation and has been embedded as a matter of law. Even more important than implementing compliance frameworks and compliance functions, is the strengthening and preservation of integrity.

In 2004, The Dutch Compliance Institute introduced the National Compliance Award with the purpose of stimulating developments within this area, to further the professionalization of compliance functions, and to enhance integrity within organisations. Accompanying the award is a cash prize of 500 Euros which is to benefit, and is directly donated, to the Children’s cancer foundation KiKa (Kinderen Kankervrij).

The citation for Dr. Abiola Makinwa’s nomination references the ‘Integrity Digital Learning Module, IntegrityDLM’ that she created under the auspices of a Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO) grant. The IntegrityDLM trains young professionals to become more resilient to ethical pressure by developing the student’s competence to ‘ACT’ instead of teaching the student to ‘KNOW’ (as is typical in other moral education disciplines).By prescription, developing and practising responses to ethical challenges in advance, students develop the competences of ‘integrity awareness’ and ‘integrity assertiveness’ to help them prepare for the ethical challenges of the workfield and life. The IntegrityDLM contributes to the learning experience of her students. In addition, the IntegrityDLM is accessible to anyone.We can support her nomination by giving our vote via: . We can vote until January 3, 2021. The- National Compliance Award will be awarded in the week of 25 January 2021.